Exclusive Designs is a design led manufacturer which is dedicated to encouraging the Make It British Brand. We own and operate our own design studio and sewing factory in the heart of Leicester which is renowned for its Textile heritage. We source our own fabrics and trims allowing us to come up with the latest High Quality Apparel. We specialise in womenswear but also manufacture Children’s and menswear. We manufacture all kinds of Garments and undergarments. We also manufacture other products such as Pollution Mask which we are currently manufacturing for China, which shows we are a very diverse company and can meet all your manufacturing needs. 


Our business has over 25 yrs. experience in the textile market, giving us vast amounts of knowledge in the market we operate in. Quality is our main priority and therefore we implement the “kaizen" theory in to our production, this means we are continually improving our operation in order to manufacture the highest of quality products and insuring each stitch is perfect. Quality is checked at each stage of production right from the start to finish, when fabric arrives at our warehouse it is thoroughly inspected all the way to the final stage of packing the products.


Exclusive Designs is a Leicester based team and we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.


We currently have the capacity to manufacture around 50,000 pieces a week depending on design, which we are aiming to increase to 100,000 + pieces a week. If you require a bigger order we do have factories which we outsource too, these factories are all in the UK and are all ethically audited.


We have our own in house design studio which consists of fully qualified designers, that travel all over the globe to get new ideas and inspirations, leading us to producing the most up to date fashion items. We manufacture for many high street stores and independent boutiques and welcome all orders, big or small.